Phun with Photoshop Corporate letters Bear Notch Road Emails from Heck


Now here's a styling exercise that simply disgusts me. I took a perfectly serviceable BMW 2002 and turned it into utter crap. Why? Hell if I know, it just seemed like a good way to waste an hour or ten. I won't even begin to tell you how long it took me to get the air dam to look like it was painted in an amateurish close-but-not-quite-the-same color as the body.* I really don't know what possesses me sometimes but some people have suggested that I have an extra gland that secretes some kind of idiot hormone. You can thank Rob L. for that kind word.

Before: a beloved and well used '02.

After: Damn! Get that thing out of my face!

I particularly enjoy the way that the wing in the back has no support on the drivers side. Oh, and check out how the wheels look decidedly two dimensional.  You can't really read it but the words on the side say, in order, Smackdown, Schmucked TI, Fuglymofo, Bozo T Clown, Lamemaster, spam, spam, spam. The last spam is hidden in the side molding in case you're interested.

Truly a sad exercise.






*This is my way of saying that I tried in vain to get the color of the spoiler to match but I finally gave up because it was really starting to tick me off and I'll only go so far* for a joke.





*"So far" should be read as "farther than any man in his right mind has any business of going."