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This is a pre-porridgehead post. One of the first that I wrote specifically to twist the heads of the BMW purists around. Naturally it didn't work but it did lay the groundwork for establishing myself as a first class wiseass.

So, some barbarian liberated the ///M3 badge from the grill of my '90 E-30 M3. In terms of global impact this falls well into the No Big Deal department but I found it annoying nonetheless.

I was at B*v*ri*n *utosport this afternoon and asked to purchase a replacement among a bunch of other stuff (yes I was wearing my official UUC cap, thanks for asking) 

So, I get back to Maison Du L'Attitude (home) and I look at the badge (as well as the other stuff) and I notice that it is the ///M badge and not the official ///M3 badge.

Now I am faced with a dilemma... If I put this badge on my car I will be in possession of a real M3 with a fake badge. Won't this be just as bad as having a non-M 3-series with a real ///M3 badge or even worse, an atrocity such as an E21 plastered with, say, M6 badges? After all, it's not an obvious understatement such as putting 316tds on an E36 M3 (well obvious to everybody but Ferrari drivers and the rest of the free world who Just Don't Get It).

The problem here is that I am terrified that people will think that because I don't have a 3 following the little ///M I am just another poseur with a badge. You take away the fender flares, the high flying wing, roof extension, extended sills, aggressive air dam, raucous 2.3 litre motor, serious suspension, beefy brakes, sport seats, meaty tires, and what do you have? Err.. just a body shell actually but that's not the point. 

Maybe what I should do is say, if anyone should inquire, that it is my personal commentary regarding badge engineering and how it artificially creates social economic stratification? Or should I just say that it's an Evo VI?

Or I could just say that I'm yet another weenie with a nice car and give them my best Charles Nelson Reilly laugh.

Or maybe, I should just beat them around the head and shoulders with an Olive Loaf. 

Look, I'm desperate here, folks. Help me decide just how far I should jam my tongue into my cheek. Should I use this badge and offend the purists? Or should I mount it upside down and say it stands for \\\Weenie?

Thanks In Advance for all your help and all the other WOB that is sure to occur.


Jonathan Porath

1990 E30 M3 'Sharked and potentially \\\W'd


1990 E30 M3 'Sharked and ///M'd (well sorta)