Corrado II
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The Volkswagen Corrado has been out of production since 1995 but enthusiasts still sing its praise. Since Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG) shares their components and platforms with half a dozen different automobile manufacturers some wise guy stated that they should create a new Corrado from one of the existing cars. On this flimsy premise I spent many man-minutes creating what you see below based upon the Seat Leon.

Original Leon:

And the Corrado:

And another:

I attempted to capture the delicate beauty of the original Giorgio Giugiaro designed Sirocco combined with the chunky good looks of the Corrado. In addition, I tried to retain as much of the original Leon  structure as possible while establishing a completely new identity. I think I failed miserably. I'm quite certain that Giorgio would roll his eyes in disgust, especially at the top car. See how off center the grill is? Horrible. It annoys the bejeezuz out of me every time that I look at it but I like the handling of the fender flares better. Someday I'll combine the two to make one that I like completely but most likely I'll just relegate it to the list of things that I gotta get to real soon now and simply leave it there until the day I die.

Other than that, I think these are really cool.