Phun with Photoshop Corporate letters Bear Notch Road Emails from Heck


So VW goes and resurrects the Microbus with this show car. Hurrah, thousands of broke deadheads worldwide are rejoicing at the notion of having reliable transportation that they can sleep in without looking like soccer moms all for short cash. However I felt that it was missing that certain je ne sais quoite1 not to mention a reasonable price tag.



Now that has soul. Along with a incredibly stupid grin. I really like the hunky painted steel wheels with chrome hub caps. It does sort of look like Timmy the Macrocephalic Train2 but hey, like dude, I'm so freakin wasted that I think that face is staring at me and it's starting to freak me out. What were we talking about? Dude?








 1 French for "I don't know any lawn games."

 2 With apologies to all macrocephalic trains named Timmy.