Phun with Photoshop


Audi Rosemeyer
Corrado II
Jiffy Lube 2
Lexus 470 Thots

I've been mucking around with the reality bending abilities of Photoshop ever since I became aware that you could do disgusting things with photographs of complete strangers and livestock. After the lawsuits I moved on into the automotive arena where folks aren't as likely to throw ugly words around like 'blackmail' or 'I am going to rip your lungs from your chest if I ever catch you'. Instead, I've been labeled 'visionary','inventive', 'annoyance', 'incompetent', and hundreds of other less notable invectives. Here's a sample of some of my before and after shots. I've included notes on some of my thoughts regarding these images since I've always thought it was fascinating to see what was going through an artists mind when he was in the process of creation. Naturally these notes are just as gleefully devoid of useful data as the rest of my pages. Sorry.

 (Note: no livestock were injured in any of these images except for those brutally slaughtered so that their skins could be stripped from their bodies, tanned and sewn into upholstery so that you might sit your pasty arse upon them in decadent comfort. Not that I'm bitter but I sure don't want it happening to me.)






Hey, this is something that I made. Pretty cool, no? Pretty annoying that it continuously loops like that, eh? Amazingly gratuitous that I just threw it here with little or no pretense, ne pas? I'm sorry. I had no other place to put it and I really didn't want to make an M3 dance page. Yet.