Porridgehead #1
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This was the very first public posting from Porridgehead. It was meant to be private, but fortunately I didn't embarrass anybody too badly except for Suzie and Jim. Oh, and myself. You may recognize some of the literary devices that I employed here in later posts, most notably the liberal use of scotch. Sheesh. I still can't believe I let this thing out in the open. 

Sorry for the delays, I've had my head out looking for the orifice my thumbs disappeared into. Got a lot of stuff to cover tonight so I'll try to be brief.

Like that's ever going to happen.

1.) I've had too much single malt tonight discussing a brand new career move into the machine shop arena. We shall see how that goes.

2.) Thanks to all the loyal NoBrainz staff for their kind offers to assist in the maintenance/update/yadda/replies to the web site. I will be assigning your assignments in the future. You will enjoy them. Trust me.

3.) UUCmotorwerks, from all that I've talked to, has established solid cred amongst the street dwellers. The bottom feeders will continue to gripe about prices but that's what they are there for. Buy a 40k car, bitch about a $300 upgrade. Sheesh. Seriously, those that know, appreciate what you are. Besides, I really like the fact that you are selling "da Goods"

D.) Suzy luvs Jim

7.) Chyo parodies self. HA!

IXVVT.) A Vtec in a 2002 is worthy of capital punishment. It must be converted to front wheel drive first.

ICK.) The last item is making me sick.

3.) An alleged mechanic snapped a cam???? If it was me, I wouldn't be able to get out the apologies, explanations, remunerations and pronations quickly enough to the poor bastard who owned said cam. That's simply pathetic. "Oh, um while we were at it, we broke your block in two."

C.) Mmmmmmm... scoth.

IV.) ... sctch.

Chapter 7.) My curb rash is really starting to itch...

Item 2.) I don't know squat about positive manifold pressure and if I ever start to say that I do, somebody slap me down.

C.) I wilsh I did know squat.

c.) Me too!

3.) Scott Blazey???

14.) Where's Keith? Is he off wondering about?

Z.) 12k and negotiate from there.

Q.) I have to be up at 6 am.

A.) I have to share this with someone. It's long and it's late and I'm whatever so bear with me. It describes the rational behind #1 and perhaps a portion of my world that you really don't want to look too deeply into.

Got a call today from a woman at a nonprofit org that I set up a database for tracking donors and donations for. (it's almost english, fucking sue me.) She says "Jon, the database isn't working anymore"
Moi: "what happened?"
She: "I decided I didn't like the donors having numbers."
M: "?"
S: "I didn't like the donor number field, so I deleted it."
M: "How did you delete it? It's used to join the donors to the donations."
S: "Yeah, that's what it said. It said I couldn't delete the field because it was used in a join."
M: "And..." (eyes rolling back in head and tongue hanging out and wagging)
S: "So I went into the join area and I deleted the join."
Me: "You deleted... the... join....?"
S: "Yeah. So I could delete the number field. So then I went and deleted the donor number field."
M: "Grrbp."
S: "I just didn't like the donor numbers. But now I can't get any of the donations that the donors made. It's like the donations aren't there.
M: "mblllfarrrllablllpphhhhtrbbb."
S: "So you can come fix it, right?"
M: "Your last backup, it occured when?"
S: "May. I think. No, March. I remember it began with an M..."
M: "As I remember, this database went back about five years...right?"
S: (brightly perking up) Actually we spent a great deal of time this summer entering the past 10 years worth of donation data so we could plan our gala 2000 party!
S: Of course I saved the file. Right after I deleted the donor numbers I saved it. What are you getting so upset about.

29.) AAAAAARGHAAAAFHAWDADAWDS SD F AFSAS FSAsdf;qweuot aodgscfzbjlaxcf!

z.) to anything I forgt, sorry.

2.) mmmm... stchch.